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Honda CB1100R


1981 - 1983 Honda CB1100R
There are 3 "Rs" : the 1981 CB1100RB; the 1982 CB1100RC; and the 1983 CB1100RD. They are very similar to the design of the CB900F.



Ian Foster"s CB1100RB is somewhat rare being one of 1050 bikes built, the model was released in 1981 to compete in the Production Race classes around the World, mainly UK, Australia and S.Africa. In Australia an unfaired version of the CB1100RB was an option for the Race Track, and is now extremely rare. The CB1100RB uses a 1/2 fairing similar to the CBX-B Model of 1982, a single-seat unit, red and white paint scheme, and gold reversed-comstar wheels. In the hands of Ron Haslam and Joey Dunlop these were unbeatable.




Ian Foster's CB1100RC pictured is one of 1500 built for 1982. This was a complete remodelling of the Bike for Production Racing. Now with a full fairing, dual seat, Red/White/Blue colour scheme, new gold anodised "boomerang" wheels, matt black exhausts, and yellow Honda wing on tank. Dunlop and Haslam continued to demolish the competition.




Ian Foster"s CB1100RD is one of 1500 built for 1983, being very similar to the RC Model with subtle changes including a box-section swing-arm, fairing width and detail, RWB paint scheme had colour changes, black chrome pipes, and Honda wing on tank was now white and grey. The RD was never raced in anger.


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