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Stuart Price's Bridgestone Collection

The before and after photos of the Huricane Scrambler 175 show what a transformation it went through. It had been standing outside in America, leaning against a barn with the carburettor covers off. It even had a tree growing through it which had to be cut down before the bike could be removed.

Of course every moving part was totally seized, but I didn't mind because originally I bought it for spares only. But then I had a rush of excitement one day and decided to restore it. I use it on the road rather than show it and it lives to see another day rather than be confined to the scrap heap.

The little TMX 100 was just a bare frame, half an engine and a petrol tank when I bought it. I sourced the parts over a period of four years and it's now on the road. A cracking little bike and loads of fun to ride.

NEC Classic Motor Show Novermber 2017

2017 11 NEC Classic Bike Show