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Requirements for V765 to retain the bikes original UK registration number

Please note that this is a UK service only. DVLA cannot approve overseas motorcycles.

Download VJMC Dating Letter Application here: VJMC Dating Letter

1.       Proof of Frame and Engine numbers.

Clear photographs of the complete numbers are required or if this is not possible rubbings may be taken. If this is not provided then we will either issue a certificate explaining this or in certain cases refuse the application.

2.       Photographs of the complete bike from both sides.

Please send at least 2 Photographs. The reason for this is so that we can ensure most parts consistent with the year of manufacture, if a machine has been altered with parts from different years or bikes, the DVLA might wish to class the bike as a special and issue a ‘Q’ plate.

3.       VJMC Dating Letter Application here: VJMC Dating Letter or A4 size covering letter containing:-

  • Bike Make, Model and CC.
  • Brief history of bike.
  • Your estimated Year of Manufacture.
  • Frame & Engine numbers.
  • Your Name and Address (including Post code).
  • Email address, Phone number in case of problems.

4.       DVLA V55/5 form fully completed by the applicant.

The VJMC does not supply these forms; they are available from the DVLA website: Forms Ordering click link : DVLA Form Ordering

5.       V765 form, sections 1, 2 & 3 completed by the applicant.

The VJMC does not supply these forms; they are available from your local VRO or can be downloaded here:DVLA V765

6.       Proof of entitlement to the registration.

Section 2 of the V765 form asks for evidence about your claim to the registration number, this can be some of the following:-

  • Original green or buff log book (RF60/VE60)
  • Archive or library records showing the registration number and the chassis number authorised by the archivist, clearly defining where the material was taken from.
  • Other pre 1983 documentary evidence linking the chassis and the registration number to the vehicle.

NOTE:- The originals must be sent to the VJMC, Photocopies will only be accepted when countersigned and stamped by a V765 signatory, the VJMC will do this.

7.       The Fee

The cost for this service is £40, however for our club members we give a discount and the cost £30. Those wishing to become members of the VJMC may forward a single payment of £60 to cover certificate and joining the Club. Cheques to be made payable to VJMC (UK) Ltd.

Please note that you must put sufficient postage on your application. If sending an A4 envelope for example, a first class stamp won't do, we then have to go to the post office a pay and additional £1.50, thank you.

Please note the Dating fee is non returnable when we have carried out research and produced a dating letter.

You can also pay with PayPal. Please enter Make and Model.

 Non Member £40  Member £30  Join for 1 year £60
Membership Number
You can also email forms and photographs to the relevant marque, email address below and pay fee electronically

Note: The validity of Dating letters expire after 12 months, so get your forms into the DVLA as soon as you can. It is best to apply for a registration before restoring the bike as we still need to see the frame number after it has been painted, so does the MOT tester. Only send the original dating letter to the DVLA, they won’t accept a photocopy. If a Dating letter is lost during the 12 months whilst it is still valid, and vehicle still meets the current DVLA requirements, then a £15 fee is payable for a re-print. In any other case it would require a new Dating application to be made.


If you need the Club to supply an V627 Inspection form for the DVLA this will also incur a £15 fee. Please only use the payment button when you have spoken to a dating agent.



Ray Davis   

VJMC Dating, PO Box 225, PRESCOT, L35 3WD.


Mobile: 07913 340506 

Please restrict phone calls to Mon-Fri - 10am 6pm


Once the club has received and processed the V765 application, we will post (signed for) our recommendation for acceptance or refusal complete with all photographs and documents direct to the DVLA at Swansea.