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VJMC Events Diary

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2017 11 NEC Classic Motor Show
2017 11 NEC Classic Bike Show 

VJMC National Events 
VJMC National Events 2017


Donington 2017

Bhurtpore 2017

National Shows and Events 
Jan 29th - Normous Newark Autojumble - Carole Nash - www.classicbikeshows.com
Feb 4-5 2017 - 37th Bristol Classic Show - Carole Nash - www.classicbikeshows.com
April 22-23 2017 - 37th International Motorcycle Show, Stafford - Carole Nash - www.classicbikeshows.com
Sept 1-3 - 24th Eurojumble, Netley Marsh, Hants - Carole Nash - www.classicbikeshows.com

VJMC Section Events 
April 2nd 2017 - Popham Motorcycle Autojumble - Hamshire Section - See flyer here 
April 21-23 2017 - "CCC" Rally, Eastfleet Farm, Weymouth Dorset - Southwest Sections - FB Link 
May 27th 2017 - Bideford Bike Show, North Devon - Paul Watts - FB Link
July 29th 2017 - Calne Bike Meet, Wiltshire - Hazel Withers - FB Link
Sept 15-17 - "BBB" Rally, Newlands Park, Charmouth - Brent Westbrook, Southwest Sections - TBA

VJMC Section Event Lists


Sent to you by Mark Wilson. 01702 512010. Please ring between 5 pm & 8 pm.

BIKE EVENTS 2017. Suggested Display Opportunities and Ride Outs.

Date                   What!                              Where!

Apri 16th        ‘Classic Vehicle Show'                                   Museum of Power, Langford, Maldon, Essex,

CM9 6OA.

May 7th             ‘Essex Motorcycle Show’                                         North Weald Airfield, Merlin Way,

                                                                                               North Weald,,,Essex, CM16 6HR                                                                                            



May 14th             'Old Tyme Rally'                                    Museum of Power, Langford, Maldon, Essex,

CM9 6OA. (Bikes must be over 25 years old!)

June 11th              ‘Japanese Auto fest’                           Museum of Power, Langford, Maldon, Essex,

CM9 6OA.

July 2nd                 ‘Classic Motorcycle Show,                 5 Maltings Road, Battlesbridge, SS11 7RF.

                                    & Auto jumble’

August 6th                  ‘Bike Meet’                                         Museum of Power, Langford, Maldon, Essex,

CM9 6OA.



August 20th             ‘It’s Show Time’                                 Purleigh Halt, Barons Lane, Purleigh, CM9 6PF.

                                                                                                Exhibitors to arrive before 10am!!!


September 3rd        ‘Vintage Japanese Bike Day’              VJMC Run to Ace cafe.London NW10 7UD.



September 10th        ‘Dunton Ride Out’                              The Air Ambulance, Motorcycle Run to     


                                                                                               Dunton. (Ford Technical Centre)SS15 6EE

September 24th         ‘Annual Grand Motorbilia Day’         5 Maltings Road, Battlesbridge, SS11 7RF