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Tansha February 2018

If you were ever in any doubt as to just how bizarre perverse and downright unpredictable the world classic bikes is just take a look at the Bikes For Sale section. Suzuki Stingers are rare as hen’s teeth yet in this issue we have three (yes that’s 3!) for sale. And if that wasn’t strange enough for you there’s a pair of super rare SOHC 750 Hondas; one wrapped in a Dresda frame and the other in a Seeley set of tubes. And completing the trilogy of unusual machinery there’s a rare and apparently very tidy Yamaha FZX750 to tempt you. Machines looking for new homes is also key to Adrian Oliver’s article where he finds he has a trio of Honda CB550s in his garage.

New to Tansha we have proprietor of Rex’s Speed Shop, Marcus Rex, giving us the benefit of his years in the trade sorting out customer’s electrical issues. Hopefully we’ll be able to get an insider’s view of how ohms, amps and volts all to their stuff, how the components go wrong, how to recognise the symptoms and what needs to be done to sort everything out properly. In a world apparently obsessed with authenticity you’d have to seriously question someone’s reasoning if they insisted on using a New Old Stock rotor rather than opt to use a refurbished one made to 2018 standards.

Anyone who ever decried the viability of Japanese motorcycles back in the day would be ruing their words if they read Colin Cherry’s article on fifty years with one bike. His Honda CD175A may not be the fastest of peers but it’s still giving him good service and for minimum outlay; read the story for the full details. Keeping with the theme of smaller machinery Brad Fleet embarks upon a battle of will with a Kawasaki Z200 that’s hell bent on a policy of belligerent non-cooperation. Make no bones about it little bikes are every bit as hard as the larger stuff… as your very own editor found out over the festive break when he tried to liberate a generator from his Yamaha CS3C! 

As the February issue falls onto door mats we still have a goodly number of weeks where the weather is less than ideal for long rides. If you’ve spent the long winter months in the workshop and on the tools why not share your tales of victory and defeat with the members? Chances are if it interest you it’ll interest them as well.




Steve Cooper  


VJMC Editor 

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