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Tansha October 2017

In the October issue there's a strong Honda & Kawasaki thing going on. A How To Guide on Honda GL1000 carburettors, an owner's tale of his Honda S65 single, the beginning of  a budget CB200 restoration and a masterclass about Honda's sublime CB400/4.  Balancing this we've two extremes in the Kawasaki world. If you've ever started a project and the wished you hadn't spare a thought for Jess Burton as he battles with arguably the worst example of a Kawasaki H2 triple. An engine that's probably beyond salvage and frame that looks equally vile... and that's only the 'Any Old Iron' feature. Elsewhere Will Barber starts from an altogether better base as he commences recommissioning a ZRX750 for a friend whilst Woff fights Kawasaki H1 fuel taps. Moving on there's a chameleon Suzuki T500,a pair of show reports and a book review about Japanese racing motorcycles. We'd not normally name drop but who could resist it when you have a feature about TV celebrity and petrol head Jay Leno? There's no disputing the fact that the VJMC's Tansha stories are unlike any other classic motorcycle club publication!  





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