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Keith Whitten's Honda VTZ250 

I've owned the VTZ since 2006 when I was in 'the trade' importing mainly used Japanese trail bikes.
It was one I took to make the numbers up on a shipment and as it was high mileage by Japanese standards (39000km) I paid my supplier in Japan just £75 for it.
The VTZ is a Japanese home market model and was not sold anywhere else I am aware of although the US VTR250 sold between '88 and '90 shares most of the mechanicals and running gear but has a half fairing as standard. There is a small band of enthusiasts for that model who can be found at
Performance of the VTZ is GPz305 or RD250LC territory with a perky mid-range and a definite V-twin feel. The fact that the bike fitted my 5 foot 9 inches perfectly was the final decider in taking it off the stock list and keeping it for myself. The only non-original parts on the bike are the mirrors which are later Honda. I have the originals in a drawer. The photograph flatters the bike, there is a fair bit of weathering but thankfully no crash damage.
Hope the above is useful

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