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Chris Bower's 1976 Kawasaki Z750

I bought my bike new in 1976 for £954, they had only just come out.
It has now done 96000 miles and hopefully when i retire in 2 yrs it will be 
past 100,000 and back to zero. At the moment i have a spare engine in it that i 
have bored out to 865 cc. The original engine is in the garage , rebuilt 4 yrs 
ago, and i will probably put that back in next year. With the extra torque i 
fitted stronger clutch springs and a hydraulic clutch. I also fitted a second 
oil pump that feeds an oil cooler. the 865 pinked  lot so i fitted a second 
spark plug and that cured that.Its been a good bike,and never had any problems 
with it, even the starter clutch works.

Z750 1  

Z750 2