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** Please note that events may be cancelled with little or no notice **



Welcome to the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club

 As the April 2020 Tansha drops on our member’s door mats there’s a large number of events advertised within it that are obviously now not going to happen due to the Covid 19 issues. Please don’t contact organisers to ask when events will be happening in the future as these volunteers will have to abide current and future legislation. Currently all VJMC events, both organised and attended, are on hold with no firm dates confirmed as to when they may be rescheduled.  

The VJMC will update this message as and when new information becomes available. Thanks and keep safe; we’ll be back on two wheels just as soon as the country is safe and healthy again.


Welcome to the VJMC, the UK’s premier club for Japanese bikes fifteen years old and over. The club was founded in 1982 by a small group of like minded enthusiasts. . . Read more 


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