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Honda CBX1000 

Ian Foster’s Honda CBX1000 Collection (1978-1982)
Ian wrote the “CBX Book” (see, a 404 page, A4, 2.5kg volume, which covers every aspect of the CBX from the Design Phase, through Factory Production, to its Racing history, etc. The Book was published in 2011, has sold out, and is due for Reprint later in 2012. Ian is a self-confessed ‘CBXaholic’ enjoying the marque since purchasing his first in 1988 while Studying in USA.
Ian has supplied some photos of his CBX Collection to illustrate the various Models. Ian thinks every VJMCer should have at least one CBX in their garage! If you have any old photos of CBXs in the 1980s he would be interested to see them, at



1978-1979 Honda CBX1000-Z
These two silver 1979 CBX-Zs were restored in N.Ireland by Rickie White, after being found in complete but rough condition in a Barn in Hong Kong. The CBX was released to an amazed public in 1978 with great fan-fare ... Honda really pulled out all the stops with numerous brochures, promotional events, and appearances with the ‘Stars’ (Hailwood, Redman, Phil Read, Tommy Robb, etc). The first CBXs appeared on British Roads at the 1978 IoM TT being used by the Travelling Marshals. They had been ridden up to Liverpool Docks from Honda’s HQ in London to ‘run them in!’





Rutter rides a CBX at Macau GP! 
This red 1979 CBX-Z was ridden by Michael Rutter at a 40th Anniversary Parade at the Macau GP in 2006. He commented that he had seen these as a lad being rebuilt in his Dad's Shop and always wanted to ride one. In the Parade Rutter was on the Grid between Ron Haslam on a CB1100RC and Kevin Schwantz on an RGV250, none of them seemed to want to be in second slot and almost came unstuck at the Lisboa 90" Bend at the end of the first straight ...pehaps they are now used to more modern brakes. Afterwards someone heard Rutter say "Best ride I"ve ever had!" (apparently!). Ian had all the Past-Winners autograph the tank. 


1980 Honda CBX1000-A

This is a CBX-A built in Maryville, Ohio, USA mainly for the American Market. It was slightly detuned from the CBX-Z but had upgraded suspension and a few cosmetic details changed. The CBX-A Models were offered in red and black colour schemes. For the British Market, Honda continued to sell the CBX-Z Models in 1980. Ian purchased this immaculate bike in New York in 2000 and rode it 3,500 miles across to California - excellent solo road-trip!



1980 CBX-A with 6-6 pipes

Ian purchased this CBX-A when he was a Student in Washington DC, on an exchange programme from Oxford in 1988. He convinced his "all-American girlfriend" to drive him out into the Virginian Mountains on a romantic drive .... "and oh by the way, can we stop to see this bike that is advertised?" All original, 10,000 miles, and only US$1,000 - It was bought it on the spot! Ian used it all through his University years and on tours to Europe and the TT. She was refurbished in 2005 and had a few upgrades including Corbin seat, Denco 6-6 pipes, Ohlin shocks, Bar-risers, etc. This is Ian's favourite bike!

1981 Honda CBX1000-B Pro-Link 

In 1981 Honda decided to take the CBX in a new direction, that of "Sports Touring" and added a full-fairing, Pro-Link suspension, and optional luggage. These are extremely comfortable bikes to tour on. The photo is taken on Oretega Highway to the south of Los Angeles in California in 2001 when Ian bought her. Ian has toured on her through the desert and Death Valley, and she never missed a beat.




1982 Honda CBX1000-C Pro-Link

The 1982 CBX-C retained its grey colour in the UK Market, but was sold in white livery in the USA Market. Ian bought this 8,000 mile bike in Boise, Idaho and rode it 2,500 miles back to California. The photo is taken on top of Snoqualmie Pass to the East of Seattle in March, 2002 - man was it cold up there!



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