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Yamaha RD350/400 Performance Portfolio

YAMAHA RD350 & 400 1972-1979 PERFORMANCE PORTFOLIO: Road Test Book Paperback – Illustrated, 1 April 1999

by Brooklands Books Ltd (Author)

ASIN/ISBN10: 1855204142

This portfolio traces the development of the Yamaha RD350 and Yamaha RD400 aircooled RD models through thirty articles. Included are road, comparison and long term tests, model introductions and updates, performance data and engine rebuild. Models covered: RD350, B, RD400, C, D, E, F and Daytona Special.

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Yamaha RD250/350 Performance Portfolio

YAMAHA RD250/350LCs PERFORMANCE PORTFOLIO 1980-1996: Road Test Book Paperback – Illustrated, 1 April 1999

by Brooklands Books Ltd (Author)

ASIN/ISBN10: 1855206250

A portfolio of contemporary articles leads us through the development of the Yamaha RD250/350LCs. Included are road and comparison tests, new model introductions, long term tests, racing, buyer’s guide and history. Built chiefly with the European market in mind and emulating the TZ racer, the launch of the RD LC in 1980 played a major part in motorcycling history. Commissioned by Yamaha Amsterdam the LC, or Elsie as it became known, was styled by Mike Oldfield with the assistance of John Mockett who came up with the famous Italic wheels, the pro-Am fairing and belly pan. It was the first bike to have a list of extras, such as expansion chambers, race-tuned engines and race-replica paintwork. The cult of the Elsie is still going strong and there are plenty in garages all over the world being restored and fettled by enthusiasts. After so many years what other bike can claim to have stirred so many people’s emotions in this way?

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