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Peter Allen's Honda CBX250RS-E



I have been a member of the VJMC for a short while now.

And over recent years I have been trying to settle on my ideal classic Honda.

I have owned a number of classic Honda’s, but have finally bought a bike I think will prove to be with me a good while.

Previously I had bought a restored XL185s, a restored XL250s and then last year I bought at great expense an all original superb 1979 XL500s, with only 4000 odd miles genuinely on the clock.

Sadly, finances meant I had to sell the XL500s at Christmas 2015 to the perfect new owner. He new single Honda’s inside out and had the stature to get both feet on the floor when on the bike.

I am only 5’ 5” with a short inside leg !  LOL

So finally I jumped at the chance to buy an all original 1986 CBX250RS-E last week.

I had been aware of them, but did not realise just how rare these bikes are.

As you may know less than 300 were sold in the UK back in the day and the How Many Left site suggests the are only 20 or so registered on the road today.

I think it is a very interesting machine, 250cc, Twin Overhead Cam, Single, with two exhaust ports / exhausts.

My bike is in very good condition, as you can see from the picture and the engine sounds great to. Reasonably quiet for its 12,600 odd miles, which are genuine.

Indeed it still has the original Dunlop front ‘Nylon” tyre fitted. The rear has been replaced at some stage.

So I am going to get it to Slipstream in Sevenoaks, for two new Bridgestones, attention to a slight leak on the Carburettors and perhaps have the valve clearances adjusted. It had been serviced just recently, the oil is clean and golden !

I intend to keep the bike totally original at this time, but the tank is a little scruffy etc and I might consider having it refinished, in the future.

The CBX suits me down to the ground, literally !  I can get my feet on the floor !! It is electric start and for me, it is a single, albeit a complex one.

I would welcome contact from any members regarding the CBX250RS-E, advice, spare parts, recommended motorcycle painters etc.

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