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Jim Readman's 1979 Yamaha FS1E DX 

 The 'ped that mobilised us spotty youths in the seventies!
The little Yamaha was by far the favourite amongst the flared-jeans and wind-cheater wearing teens.
Note that the pedals actually disappeared after a change in the flawed law that tried to determine what a moped was. Performance was then restricted to 30mph. Of course there were ways round that too.
Did anyone try the pedals on the previous "mopeds"? Bet you did!

A year in the life of a FIZZIE



OCTOBER 2003 - spoke to a friend in Central Scotland, who said he had owned a Fizzie for years. It was in his garage in need of TLC, after being used when he was a student. He had left it parked up and gone out drinking. When he came back for it, somebody had thrown it in a nearby stream!

It still had the old original numberplate with raised letters and numbers complete with CAMIERS MOTORCYCLES, EAST SUSSEX on the bottom.







NOVEMBER 2003 – bike stored at work, out of way of son. New bits that would need replacing ordered from Fizzie Galore.


DECEMBER 2003 – bike brought to the house and hidden in bits in the garden hut for Xmas day. Son, Craig (15), receives several presents of new bits for a Yamaha and the rest of the old bits too! A FIZZIE.


JANUARY 2004 – Craig stripped bike, cleaned, repainted and engine rebuilt. Problems getting a set of matching indicator stems and lenses, 3 different types.


FEBRUARY 2004 – bike rebuilt, tank repainted. Problems getting new front brake to bleed.


MARCH 2004 – Bike entered on the VJMC Stand at the Scottish Bike Show. Complete but not running. Picture taken with Nial McKenzie, who had one just the same when he was sixteen !!!!


Craig, Nial McKenzie and FIZZIE on the VJMC stand at the Scottish Bike Show


APRIL 2004 – Bike still not running properly, some teething problems. Failed MOT as indicators will not flash when lights are on and poor front brake.


MAY 2004 – Took off indicators and switch and fitted front brake master cylinder from a GT500 Suzuki. Bike passes MOT.


JUNE 2004 – Bike now on the road. 140 miles done, new piston required due to lack of lubrication!



JULY 2004 – Didn’t make the VJMC Tiddler Run, waiting on new piston.

AUGUST 2004 – Bike on the VJMC stand at the BMF Show, Kelso. Didn’t win, too much competition.






(recreating the Triumph Bonneville advert)



SEPTEMBER 2004 – Bike used regularly. Good tank and exhaust removed and another tank put on with different, non standard blue and yellow paint job complete with family logo, a “RED MAN“. Old restricted exhaust put on for the winter.


OCTOBER 2004 – Bike still used regularly to commute. Blew a hole in the piston after 2000 miles of full throttle!


NOVEMBER 2004 – Bike thrown down the road in heavy rain, after car driver decided to brake suddenly. Minor damage, no injury.

6 days later bike thrown down the road again due to diesel on roundabout near bus depot. Minor damage, minor shoulder injury (spent 4 hours waiting in Accident and Emergency Dept)


DECEMBER 2004 – Bike still used to commute in the frost and fog, not as clean as it used to be. 3200 miles done in the year.













Jim and Craig Readman


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