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Fred Cowhig's Suzuki GS425E

I bought my 1979 Suzuki GS 425E in ‘sold as seen’ condition in 2009. The bike was in spotless condition with only 16,000km recorded on the clock, but it had a major carburettor problem & a few other little niggles as well. After several ‘quick fix’ attempts at getting the carbs sorted I eventually gave them a complete overhaul with an ultrasonic clean, new jets, needle valves & gaskets. I also replaced the fuel & vacuum hoses. I overhauled the fuel tap, fitting a new seal & diaphragm kit. Once this work had been completed, the engine started & ran perfectly. Other jobs undertaken included setting the valve clearances, overhauling the brakes & fitting new tyres. Just last week I fitted new clutch friction discs, springs & a new clutch cable as the clutch had become very notchy in it’s operation. It was never my intention to do a full restoration on this bike, but rather to have it in perfect working condition & fortunately I have achieved this. I have clocked up 6,000km on it since I bought it & it is a pleasure to ride.

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GS425_1 GS425_2

GS425_3 GS425_4

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