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Honda SS50, ST70  CB250RS


The red SS50 was James's first bike when he was 16 and was purchased from a guy in Manchester. It was meant to be a runner but it wasn’t so James and his dad had to rebuild it (and changed the tank colour from the nasty gold it started with to red) keeping the entire pedal crank assy so the police couldn’t say anything if it went above 30 mph. Since then it has had a mind blowingly powerful 90cc barrel and piston installed and the pedal crank assy has been removed and replaced with footrests (the pedals were annoying and always seemed to be the length of the tread of whatever footwear you chose to ride it with causing your foot to always get stuck at usually the most inappropriate of times), some other minor cosmetic parts need to be fitted (such as new mudguards) before being re MOT"d.


The CB250RS was bought to ride when James passed his bike test in 2006 after turning 17 but James had fun and games with that as well as the guy who “re-built” it fitted the wrong front brake caliper bracket (one from a Superdream or Dream) and it wasn’t till James was riding back, weeks later, from Richmond one day that he realized the disc wasn’t wearing evenly, so you can imagine the fun he had riding it back home (approx 30miles with basically no front brake). Since then he has had a few problems with the starter motor (as it’s the Deluxe model) but atm it is running sweet but its being put into storage to make way for a new 600rr.




The turquoise ST70 also belongs to James and was totally rebuilt from a box of parts bought from someone near Bridgwater. That was another mammoth project for James and his dad, but that’s been running flawlessly since and the darker blue coloured ST70 is James dads which was basically rebuilt completely but it was running and more or less all there when we brought it back from Devon.

Since then a red ST70 has been added to the collection (my dads) which has more race type features including an extended swinging arm, high compression engine and an SS50 5 speed manual box, chrome mudguards, much better forks, front disc brake and probably more but I can’t remember any more off the top of my head.



James's dad also has a FMX650. James is currently just awaiting the arrival of a new look Baby blade over the winter period. (Note: I’m sure the bikes don’t know what bad weather is because unless it’s sunny they keep warm in a heated garage)

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