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Mark Hurley's Kawasaki Z650 C2

Noticed you'd not go a Z650C2 on the list, so here's some pictures of last one (I've had about dozen over the years) and also my favourite 716cc version which alas is long gone now.

Got the C2 in December 2004. It was taxed and roadworthy but wasn't running right (nothing above 5k), had lots of oddities with the electrics, non-standard stuff connected up, dents and road rash in places and rust on a few of the major metal parts etc.. After initial ride/restore of parts, I stripped everything down in 2009, had the paint and power coating done and rebuilt. Very nice bike, which I sold last year.

My, not so standard, Z650 B2 from the 1979. Purchased by me in 81 and sold on in the 90's to a mate. List too long for everything, but had 716cc bore with Yoshi pistons and R&T cams, head was flowed and ported and for a time was sporting 33mm smoothbores (bugger to setup!). I ran several different pipes and even hybrids, but settled in the end for a Race Harris 4-1 in black chrome. A lot of core the parts and assistance in setting up was from Dixons in Godalming. It also had Lester wheels, reworked forks, twin discs, Paintwork by a mate of a mate, engine covers triple chromed, Saxon braced swingarm and lots of stuff cut-down or removed if not needed. Loved the bike, which was very quick in its day, but blew the #1 shell and didn't have time to rebuild so got parked up for a few years until I had the time (and inclination) to replace the parts.

Z650B2 pictures =

Best Regards,


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